Invest in your future by buying property. It’s the profitable asset, if looked after. Owning property shouldn’t be stressful but it can be when people take it on themselves, mistaking property management for just collecting rent.


There’s property management and Adelaide Property Brokers property management. Properties that are worth selling. Properties with better return. Properties that look like they’re owner-occupied.


With impeccable client service, regular communication and negotiation flair, we take the hassle out of renting a property. For first-time investors, we offer step-by-step management to help you understand the process and feel at ease.


As each client is different to the next, a tailored service is essential. We carry out many tasks on behalf of the Landlord – including finding great tenants, quarterly property reports, collecting rent, maintaining your property and paying bills on your behalf.


When both parties are happy, the relationship is strengthened, and your tenants are more likely to consider your home as their own. This means less damage and more love. They live in it and care for it, like it was their own. Your perfect tenant.