If you’re thinking about building a new property or renovating an existing property, we can help make sure the process is cost-effective. Before going through something new, like renovating, it’s hard to tell whether it’ll be hard or easy. 95% of the time, it’s hard because every builder is different.


Builder A might charge $2,500 for a ceiling and Builder B might be $1,900. Great, you think. Builder B it is, until you learn that the piece doesn’t include floor covering.


With your plans, we’ll tender to builders to get you the best price and quality. We know them personally and can act as your personal project manager. You don’t know construction, but we do.


Our team can assess your property or development, then provide recommendations on next steps. We’ll prepare development options and a comprehensive feasibility assessment, including sub-division plans and building costs. Tell us your budget and timeframe, which will become our point of reference to guide important decisions.


With all the research and planning conducted by our team, you can sit back and enjoy the journey. Our experienced developers are your eyes and ears, overseeing the development.


Your personal property assistant


We provide a build brokerage service from concept to completion. With our knowledge and understanding of valuations, our brokers can adapt ‘custom designs’ to suit the resale.


We have worked on a wide range of concepts and designs, so we can help you with visual selections. This ‘fun part’ is often intuitive to the owner, but the expertise in building and understanding Australian Standards requires a professional insight.


We will take care of the not-so-easy part of brokerage. We’ll tender out your plans to designers who come back to us with different quotes. Then, we’ll sit down and help you navigate each one, acting as your ‘voice’ to address the variances. This way, you don’t need to know construction or feel like you’re getting ripped off. You have us.


We’re your central point of contact, overseeing all moving parts to drive a positive experience. The best part? Our brokerage service doesn’t cost you a thing. Get your personal property assistant, for nothing.