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We are a boutique property advisory, development consulting and brokerage company who specialise in the Adelaide residential property market. We are one of the leading developers who offer an experienced solution for your development needs.

Development Consulting

Adelaide Property Brokers can assist in consulting for those who wish to develop their property but are unsure or lack the knowledge and experience that is necessary.

We can supply a vast range of services relating to your development such as approvals and division management which incorporates: Concept plans, planning drawings, planning approval, land division approval, development approval, site preparation and land division. We can also obtain documentation from various builders, facilitate the process to obtain the best possible fixed price the contract – so all you have to do is sit back and relax. The difference with Adelaide Property Brokers is that you are in full control of your project, we present to you researched options in order for you to make educated decisions.
If you are considering sub-dividing or developing your property find out more here

Property Brokerage


Are you in the market to build, renovate, develop or extend?

Adelaide Property Brokers can act on your behalf to review quotes and potentially save you time and money.

We review all builders’ quotes, compare them for you and put forward all information to you so you can make an educated decision. It can be overwhelming to build your home or in today’s market as it is so compensative the property market.

All Builders have their own selections and ways to present pricing and what is and isn’t included. We will make the process seamless and stress-free for you.

Unlike other agencies, at Adelaide Property Brokers you are not restricted to just one builder. We will assist you to have full control of overseeing the process allowing you to design your home, and complete your unique and innovative selections. We tender your project and our quotes are easy to understand.

Property Sales


Making the decision to sell your home isn’t always the easiest decision to make and that’s why Adelaide Property Brokers takes the time to get to you, your home, the current market and your area to give you the best advice. We want to help you achieve the best sale price in the lease amount of time on the market.

We will work with you and use our experience and knowledge to design and tailor a sale campaign that best suits you and your home.

When selling a property, there are three key great opportunities to take advantage of. They are: Off the plan, New Homes and Existing Homes.

Off Plan: We have been developing houses for over 10 years so we know that developing can be not only expensive but also time consuming. Let us work with you prior to construction to get you the pre-sale that you want.

A pre-sale not only allows the buyer to have complete say in tailoring their house to their home but also allows financial flexibility to the developer.

New Homes: As experienced developers and design consultants – out team is fully equipped to present, display and make your house desirable to a potential buyer.

Adelaide Property Brokers know that a newly developed house needs to be made into a home and with our tailored service and marketing campaign we know that you will get nothing but the attention to detail you deserve that will allow you to unlock your properties potential.

Existing Homes: Our homes are our safe haven – as life changes and our needs change we have to adapt our homes to grow with us. Sometimes this means that you need to sell your home. Allow Adelaide Property Brokers to help you throughout life’s journey and make the process as stress-free and as easy as we know it can be.

We ensure that everything at Adelaide Property Brokers is done with integrity we want to make sure that you get the best possible price for your home. See here for the Adelaide Property Brokers Promise.

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What to expect from your development



Book a free consultation with Adelaide Property Brokers. We will set-up a meeting and assess your property or development and provide our expert recommendations personalised to suit your project.



Adelaide Property Brokers actions all the research and planning taking the stress out of the building process. We overlook the whole project from start to finish to take the stress out of selling, buying and developing.

Throughout the whole process we will oversee the entire project from purchasing, building and the selling process. This takes away all the pressure and headaches, allowing you to make educated and profitable decisions.

Giving you more time to enjoy life with family and friends.



We will provide you with development options and a comprehensive feasibility assessment from at least 3 builders which will include sub-division plans and building costs. Furthermore, we will work within your budget and timeframe.



Sit back and simply watch your project grow.