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“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them” – Chris Grosse

This quote is a part of my daily life philosophy. I truly believe opportunities and great ideas are all around us, we see them every day and are surrounded by them. I believe that we should look at the opportunities that have presented themselves to us and realise that we create our own opportunities and then take action on them.

My name is Raquel Pacicca and I am the Principal of Adelaide Property Brokers.My love and passion for all things Construction and Real-Estate started from a young age.I have been in the Residential Construction industry for over 13 years and have loved every minute of it. I have done it all from designing, building, sub-dividing, buying, selling, and much more.

During this time I have watched as family and friends build, develop, sell and buy with some aspects of difficulty along their journey. It brought them a vast range of emotions from happiness and stress.I asked myself how this industry could be improved.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if you had someone there to take the stress out of buying, selling or developing so you’re just left with the happiness?How amazing would it be if you had an agent that could educate and show you how simple (sometimes fun) the process can be?

Your home is one of the most precious assets that you have (next in line from your family) don’t you want an agent who will take it to its full potential in the market and achieve the best price for YOU?

And thus with those questions in mind, Adelaide Property Brokers was born.







  • "Raquel has work with me to develop a challenging property, during which she has proven 
herself to be honest and open with me on issues, and possibilities. I am very pleased with the building for which we were given unconditional approval for, which is indicative of Raquel’s 
industry contacts, and capacity to balance needs, desires and reality with the requirements of all key stakeholders. I strongly recommend her for all property developments!!” 
- Kevin McCarthy